Africrops – Organic Moringa Leaves – 040110011

Brand: Africrops

Africrops Moringa leaves are primarily used like conventional tea leaves. The leaves can also be used as an ingredient in various foods.

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    Africrops – Organic Moringa Leaves – 040110011


    The name Moringa is often used to refer to the plant Moringa oleifera, the most well-known plant of the Moringaceae family. Moringa oleifera is also known as the miracle tree or tree of life because of its astonishing and nutritious properties in the plant.

    Africrops Organic Moringa leaves are a natural food with a special nutritional composition made from hand-picked leaves of the moringa plant and then gently dried. The leaves come from certified organic cultivation areas. After the harvest, the leaves are gently air dried. Moringa leaves come from either Namibia or Gambia, where the plant is cultivated under controlled-organic circumstances.

    The nutrients like vitamins C and A, pytamines (secondary plant substances), minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, other trace elements, proteins, all the essential amino acids and anti-inflammatory substances in Moringa leaves make it easily available to human health.

    Application in different products:

    • In soups, Africrops moringa leaves alone or in combination with spinach, melon etc. can be used.
    • Weaning  foods, Paneer with extract of Moringa oleifera leaf have  a higher  nutrient  content  than  normal paneer.
    • Africrops Moringa leaves incorporated in noodles, chocolate, functional drinks, herbal biscuits, bread, cakes, yoghurt, muffins and snacks can be prepared.
    • Used in pharmaceutical industry
    • Cosmetic industry
    • Animal feed ingredient

    Health benefits:

    • Increases the Natural defense system of the body
    • Provides nourishment to the eyes and the brain
    • Promotes metabolism with bio-available ingredients
    • Promotes the Cell structure of the body
    • Promotes the normal functioning of the liver and the kidney
    • Promotes energy
    • Promotes proper digestion
    • Takes care of the immune system of the body
    • Promotes healthy circulatory system
    • Supports the normal sugar levels of the body
    • It is an anti-inflammatory
    • Gram per gram of moringa nutrition = 2× protein of yoghurt, 4× vitamin A of carrots, 3× potassium of banana, 4× calcium of milk, 7× vitamin C of oranges.
    •  Africrops organic Moringa leaves contains an anti-aging compound called Zeatin, which is naturally occurring cytokinins. It is a strong antioxidant effective against prostate and skin cancers and anti-tumor.
    • Eating leaves is believed to increase a woman’s milk production and is sometimes prescribed for anemia.

    Content: 100% pure Moringa-leaves (Moringa oleifera)

    Process/ recipe:

    • Africrops organic Moringa leaves are primarily used in conventional tea. Pour hot boiling water over the leaves and let it steep for 5 minutes.
    • Africrops organic Moringa leaves can also be used as an ingredient in various foods.

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