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100% Natural, clean label fruit & vegetable ingredients for food and beverages

Are you looking for high quality and sustainable fruit and vegetable ingredients? Then SVZ is perfect for you. SVZ provides premium purees, concentrates, NFC juices, and IQFs that are tasty and 100% natural. SVZ is reliable and has more than 150 years of expertise across the agro supply chain. They closely collaborate with partner farmers, customers, and suppliers. This means that SVZ is the fruit and vegetable ingredients supplier for many of the leading food and beverage manufacturers around the world.


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About SVZ

Agronomy is SVZ’s main passion.

SVZ is proud of the relationships they have with farmers, from seed to harvest. They have strong partnerships with local growers and production facilities in the world’s best growing regions. SVZ makes sure that their fruit and vegetables are cultivated, harvested, and processed to the highest standards. 

Sustainability is at the centre of SVZ’s business.

SVZ is owned by a farming co-operative. Their entire business uses sustainable agricultural practices because SVZ cares about farmers and their land. They are also committed to having efficient supply chain management. SVZ is accredited by key global sustainability initiatives – EcoVadis Gold, SAI Platform and Sedex

Innovation – SVZ knows fruit and vegetables. 

SVZ’s purees, concentrated purees, and juice concentrates are tailored to the specific needs of their customers. They use the highest quality food safety and sustainability standards. SVZ’s understanding of the raw materials helps them to develop what you need. So you can have 100% natural fruit and vegetable ingredients.

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