Foga Gum

A smile on the face of the farmers, FOGA  Gum is a high-quality  producer of Arabic gum from Africa with a sustainable impact.

High-quality products from satisfied farmers

All the FOGA products are harvested by farmers that FOGA knows. Farmers get:

  • Maximum profit
  • New young trees to extend their farms
  • Support for community projects like education and hygienic training

FOGA’s cleaning factories are built close to the farmers to make processing easier and generate jobs for society.

Restoring nature

FOGA invest in a green future by planting new acacia trees.

Acacia Senegal trees grow best in a hot and dry area on Sahara sand. With their roots, they fertilise the ground so other vegetation can grow.

As well as converting CO2 to oxygen, these trees also attract more rain to the area and help to prevent sandstorms.

Our Certificates


FOGA produces a range of  Gum Acacia (hashab) products like Instant Powder and spray-dried Arabic gum.


To tap the resin cuts are made in the bark. The exudate dries up in the open air and is then manually harvested. There are 2 tappings per season in December and March.

Dried resin

After the harvest, the Gum Acacia tears are still soft and have to dry under the sun before the sorting, packing, storage, transport, and export.

Granulating and Milling

The raw Gum Acacia pieces go through processing stages to be made into different products like a spray-dried variant and also an instant powder variant.


The Gum Acacia is dissolved in water, purified (by sieving and centrifugation), pasteurised, and then finally transformed into standardised powders through FOGA’s own drying process.

  • Foga – Gum Arabic (Hashab – Kordofan Type) Spray Dry

    Foga Gum Arabic (Hashab – Kordofan Type) Purified 100% gum acacia (hashab), immediately usable for your processing. With a high fibre value of 95%
    5,006.900,00 Excl. VAT Supplied by: Foga Gum View Details
  • Foga – Gum Arabic (Hashab) Instant Powder

    FOGA Gum Acacia Instant Powder (hashab) is instantly soluble in water. Add it easily to your food or juices for a vital daily life.
    7,504.600,00 Excl. VAT Supplied by: Foga Gum View Details