Food Scientist For Hire specialises in creating new products. Starting from the idea till the product leaves the factory floor – we can help anywhere you may need help along this process.

Recipe Development | Upscaling & Contract Manufacturing
Ingredients List & Nutritional Labelling |
Preservation & Shelf-Life Extension | Branding

We specialise in multiple categories:

Are you looking for a food scientist?

We combine food technology solutions with innovative, scientific and out-of-the-box thinking. Delivering results on a global scale. We are passionate foodies that live and breathe food. We are a food consultant collective that develops food and drink products from concept to launch. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, a large FMCG company or a local food manufacturer, we can help. We think globally but act locally. We create solutions that are practical and work. We are global and have a presence in Europe, US, UK and Australia.

Some of our achievements…

Launched 200+ products in the UK/EU/US/AU/NZ markets
Won awards in prestigious International NPD competitions
Worked with large multinationals in the food industry such as Unilever and Mars
Worked with 30+ co-packers
Successful launches totalling $30million+ per year

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