“Specialists in Natural Citrus Aromas Worldwide”

Our company is a family business with more than 25 years in the food flavours industry. Our broad experience in researching and developing flavours makes us the best provider of quality flavours. Delsa started as the citrus specialist with direct access to the farmers, the local producers of lemons, orange, Seville bitter orange, grapefruit and clementine’s from Spain. Being close to the source means we can reduce cost and work closely with farmers to maintain and improve quality. We used our broad experience in the citrus flavour segment to grow in the natural flavour industry and were able to develop a wide range of natural and, in addition, also artificial sweet and savoury flavours. Our flavours are suitable for a variety of applications and industries such as confectionary, bakery, soups and sauces and come in different forms such as liquid, powder, water- and oil-soluble. We are dedicated to helping our customers find the perfect flavour for their needs and applications and are committed to provide high quality products.

We follow the most stringent European and international quality standards. We are a FSSC 22000 Food Safety company with Kosher certification since 2017 and Halal since 2019. Moreover, we are working to implement Bio Certification in January 2022 (CAAE). We guarantee the best quality over time for any order size and throughout seasonal variations of demand.

The exact flavour that our customers are looking for

Natural flavours are an essential ingredient for food products. As flavour manufacturers, we are committed to developing the perfect flavour for our customers.

We supply different size companies operating in various industries. We develop a myriad of rich natural flavours such as nuts, spices, truffle, fruits, algae, aromatic plants



We have more than 20 years of experience developing custom natural scents for a wide range of companies and sectors.


We are an international benchmark in research and development of natural lemon and other citrus flavours for the food industry


We strictly comply with the most demanding standards worldwide, guaranteeing a high and constant level of quality