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We bring to you another great 1-2-Tester application concept: The Vegan Burger Mix Box. Try out yourself how you can develop the best vegan burger possible. Developed together with TeamTastemakers, now available to order and try out yourself. Experience the vegan burgers you make with this 1-2-Tester Burger Mix Box and get inspired what you can develop working with the ingredients and service partners on 1-2-Taste.

How does it work? 

The 1-2-Tester Vegan Burger Mix Box consist of all the samples of ingredients for making the vegan burgers. It also comes with an application recipe with the suggested quantities as developed by TeamTastemakers. In your application lab you need to weigh the ingredients, mix, process and fry or barbecue. 


1-2-Taste brings you a range of concept products: the 1-2-Testers, showcasing what end products you can develop with ingredients on 1-2-Taste. New concepts are introduced every month. 

1-2-Tester: Vegan Burger Mix Box

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The 1-2-Tester Vegan Burger Mix Box is a complete mix concept with functional ingredients to make your own vegan burger – one you do not want to miss! Try it out and get inspired!

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1-2-Tester: Vegan Burger Mix Box

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The 1-2-Tester Vegan Burger Mix Box is a complete mix concept with functional ingredients to make your own vegan burger – one you do not want to miss! Together with our product development partner TeamTastemaker we created an all-natural, vegan burger. This burger mix consists of a natural fibre mix for the perfect texture, deliciously flavoured with onion powder and concentrate, an especially designed burger spice mix and yeast extract. The natural liquid colour is extracted from vegetable juices. Teff coarse flakes are added for an extra bite as well as for the texture. Try our 1-2-Tester Vegan Burger Mix Box (to make an approximate 15-20 burgers) and get inspired! The box includes the recipe and the step by step recipe to make this flavourful vegan burger. Would you desire a personal touch to this burger? We can work with you to add your own twist and signature for your brand. Possibilities with 1-2-Taste’s ingredients are endless.

Find ingredients for it? 1-2-Taste developed this vegan burger with product development partner TeamTastemakers using ingredients from different suppliers from the 1-2-Taste platform. 1-2-Taste is offering many more ingredients for your plant-based products – and use TeamTastemakers expertise for development. Download our inspiration sheet here.

The main ingredients of our Vegan Burger Mix Box are:

• Onion powder and concentrate (from Gourmet Ingredients)
• Yeast extract (from MCLS)
• Natural colouring (from Plant-Ex)
• Natural fibre mix (from TeamTastemakers)
• Burger spice mix (from TeamTastemakers)
• Binding system (from TeamTastemakers)
• Teff coarse flakes (from Blonk Quality Ingredients)

How to make your burger step by step:

1. Mixing

Weigh ingredients as per the recipe. Mix the dry mix in a bowl and add the oil and water. Stir the mix firmly for about 2 minutes until you have a homogenous mixture.

2. Setting

Put the bowl in the fridge and let the dough set for 2 hours at a maximum temperature of 4 degrees °C.
Take the bowl from the fridge and form the burgers and make sure you press the dough well to form a compact structured burger.

3. Baking

Pan fry or barbecue the burgers for 4-5 minutes on each side on medium-high heat.

4. Enjoy!

Serve the burger on a bun and add vegetables and sauce to your liking. Enjoy!

1-2-Taste supplies many meat and dairy replacers for your plant-based products and the number is still growing – so do check our website regularly!


Food development consultant Team Tastemakers used a variety of top quality ingredients from the 1-2-Taste platform to create the Vegan Burger Mix Box. Below you can find which ingredients were selected for this mix!

  • MCLS Ajitop™

    5,00 Excl. VAT Supplied by: MCLS Europe Select options

  • MCLS Aromild™

    5,00 Excl. VAT Supplied by: MCLS Europe Select options

This 100% natural and vegan product will give the final touch to a vegan burger or other dish. This liquid colour extracted from vegetable juices like red beet juice, radish juice and tomato juice gives an attractive dark red colour to your food products.

For a fresh onion taste for your vegan burger or any other savoury product, Gourmet PlantTaste concentrate is your clean label and sustainable ingredient of choice. Only the best raw materials are used, making this an ideal flavouring ingredient as alternative to for example fresh onions or artificial flavours.

Ajitop™ natural yeast extract is the perfect ingredient to add flavour to your vegan burger or other plant based product but is also suitable for soups, sauces or snacks and products with reduced salt content. It enhances the taste of other spices and brings a beautiful umami flavour to your product.

This yeast extract has a high content of natural nucleotides. It has a neutral umami taste and provides a great mouthfeel and smoothness to a wide variety of applications including plant based foods. Aromild™ works well together with Ajitop™ for extra umami synergy.

Blonk coarse teff flakes are made from a blend of brown and white teff grains grown in Spain 100% traceable from farm to table. The coarse flakes are ideal for vegan or vegetarian foods. For meat replacement applications the coarse teff flakes give a mouthfeel surprisingly similar to minced meat.


TeamTastemakers is your R&D partner for the development of successful innovations and improvement of existing products in the food industry. Do you have good ideas but do not know how to realize them? TeamTastemakers is a team of experts in nutrition & innovations. They are happy to help you with their broad expertise, creativity and knowledge of the innovation process. They supplement what is missing in your organization!

Their team consists of an innovation chef, a marketer and two food technologists – together more than 100 years of work experience in innovations at medium and large food companies. This allows TeamTastemakers to oversee all the different phases of innovation and enables them to bridge the gap between disciplines such as marketing, R&D and production. In addition to that, they also have an innovation lab to bring applications to life.

All to help you innovate successfully!

Meet the 1-2-Testers: Concepts to Inspire

1-2-Taste brings you a range of concept products: the 1-2-Testers, showcasing what end products you can develop with ingredients on 1-2-Taste. You can try multiple concepts developed by 1-2-Taste and its food development partners.

Besides the Burger Mix Box 1-2-Tester we developed in the past a Brain Booster drink , a Rhubarb Hard Seltzer and two Oat Drinks concepts.

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