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Umamamia makes a clean-label, plant-based, umami taste powder ingredient, ideal for plant-based food recipes and recipes with a reduced content of animal-based ingredients.

Based strictly on organic yellow peas, salt, and water, we make our umami taste ingredient by the use of food science and biotechnology in specialised technological processes.

We are devoted to assist the green transition of the global food system by ensuring a great taste of sustainably produced foods. Plant-based food recipes and recipes with reduced content of umami rich animal-based ingredients such as meat and cheese will naturally lead to less umami taste and flavour, since plants naturally have very little or no umami.

By adding our umami ingredient, the umami taste can be drastically increased, while bringing no significant aroma to the recipe, but rather enhancing the aroma and flavour already present.

Umamamia – UmamiFix (Dry Powder) – UMA100002

Brand: Umamamia

Umamamia – UmamiFix (Dry Powder) increases umami taste and flavor. Great in convenience food, especially plant-based recipes. Organic, clean label, no allergens, vegan.


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Organic & Clean-label

Our product is organic and enable clean-labelling (i.e., contains no food additives) and is made strictly from yellow peas, salt, and water, offering simplicity


Our product is made from peas thereby aligning with the growing trend of plant-based food

Versatile to use

Our product has no significant aroma contribution, which allows application in various culinary recipes.


We have carefully selected ingredients to maintain a concise and transparent ingredient list, catering to consumers seeking simplicity

No allergens

Our product contain no allergens

Support the green transition of the global food system

We offer a solution that ensures great umami taste in sustainable produced plant-based and hybrid food recipes that naturally lack umami

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