100% Pure and Natural Extracts of Indian Origin

VENUSS supplies 100% Pure and Natural products of Indian origin. Venuss is constantly developing new products and investing more on quality control and on research and development. Venuss delivers quality services and quality products at the most competitive prices.

Venuss runs separate plants for the production of Essential Oils and Spice Oils by Steam Distillation, Spice Oleoresins by Solvent Extraction, and Floral Concentrates and Absolutes also by Solvent Extraction, and Spice Powders by Size Reduction. Special care is taken that all products are manufactured in closed systems and conform to the various international regulations. Venuss’ products are free of genetically modified organisms, enzymes, catalysts, novel proteins, animal fats, DNA, and allergen.

Venuss lab is well equipped with modern equipment that checks and guarantees the quality of raw materials, right up to the final products. Venuss has the installed capacity for producing 2 tons of natural extracts per day.

VENUSS is a leading small scale company competing in the international markets of Natural Essential Oils, Spice Oils and Oleoresins, Floral Concretes and Absolutes, and Spice Powders. Venuss is a leading importer of fresh fruits, dry fruits and nuts. The company was formed in May 1986 and is located in Seithur in the southern part of India.


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All 100% Natural Essential Oils produced against highest standards. Venuss Herbo stands for purity and quality.

For orders of 100KG or more: freight cost (CIF) included in the price.