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Development of natural flavours

With the development of natural flavours, it is important that they are derived from natural sources and obtained by natural processes such as cooking, steaming, or fermentation. If fruit names are included. Examples: “Natural Lemon Flavour”, “Natural Orange Flavour” or “Natural Strawberry Flavour” must have at least 95% of the flavour extracted from it. Also known as FTNF.

Flavour development for food manufacturers

Consumers opt for a good price-quality ratio in their daily shopping. Only for products with a clear added value (premium product with a unique experience or taste) are they willing to pay more. Consumers are increasingly experimenting in taste and are open to international flavours and unique, exotic products. At food manufacturers this trend plays a role in developing new line extentions.

Flavour development for drinks

When developing flavours for drinks, it is good to know that seventy per cent of what we taste is determined by smell. In fact, tasting consists of two components: smell and actual taste. Together, they make us taste what we eat and drink, and can enjoy, for example, a nice refreshing drink.

Development of natural flavours

In the development of natural flavours, the starting point is that natural flavourings are flavourings of natural origin. Natural refers to a natural source (>95%) and also that it has had a natural process extraction. Food manufacturers usually use flavourings for two purposes: To restore the original taste/odour of a product and to make a product taste/smell more appealing.

About our partners

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The possibilities at 1-2-Taste

1-2-Taste is the world’s first platform that allows all food & beverages companies easy access to food & beverage ingredients and services. Without access to the right food ingredients and services food innovation or even manufacturing cannot happen. The 1-2-Taste marketplace provides digital access to the right food ingredients and helps food manufacturers find the right ingredients and services from dozens of categories with multiple suppliers to choose from.

Find your flavour

A very wide range of different flavourings can be found on the 1-2-Taste website. Choose one that suits your preference now or order a sample first. If, on the contrary, you want to be assisted with flavour development, then 1-2-Taste is also the right place for you. Create a free account to view all product documents like technical and safety datasheets.