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Bayn Solutions – ‘’Fast-track to healthier sweetening solutions’’

Bayn Solutions helps both large and smaller companies with sweetening solutions for the bakery, dairy, confectionery, beverage as well as the sports nutrition segment. The company specializes in patented 1-1 sugar replacement solutions as well as high intense stevia solutions. The company was founded in 2009 and has a long experience in helping customers internationally with specific needs for sweetening without sacrificing taste or texture. 

Bayn Solution’s vision is to be the preferred partner in the industry when it comes to solutions for sugar reduction. It’s mission is to deliver market-leading solutions which enable the manufacturing of healthier foods. 


EUREBA® is our range of sweetened fibres that replaces 1:1 sugar in your recipe without sacrificing the good taste, mouthfeel, and without having to make any changes to the manufacturing process. These patented solutions serve the bakery, dairy as well as the confectionery segment. From small and medium-sized businesses who want to avoid time-consuming and costly product development to big enterprises who want a short time to market. We are happy to help you choose the right EUREBA® and to fine-tune the taste and texture for your specific application.

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NAVIA® is our range of high intense stevia sweeteners. Such purified stevia solutions are 200-350 times sweetener than sugar. These extracts are heat and pH stable, zero calorie and do not impact blood glucose levels at the levels of use. These solutions serve several segments such as the beverage and sports nutrition segment among others. We are happy to help you choose the right NAVIA® and to fine-tune the taste and texture for your specific application.

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Bayn Solutions Logo 768x432 1