Our family business started in 1984 in Vence. Over the years we have grown to produce 4,000 different high quality flavour references and we currently generate more than 5,000 tons of flavours per year for our customers. Nowadays based in the world capital of perfumes and flavours, Grasse, on the French Riviera, we work with companies spread among almost 40 different countries over the world. A HACCP approach, regulatory monitoring and control of manufacturing procedures allow to meet the quality requirements of our profession. Our professionalism and our experience of the market led us to supply all kind of successful companies of different size. We provide them with availability, responsiveness and a low minimum order quantity.

Our flavour portfolio

Our flavours can be found in a widespread application area such as chocolates, pastries, chewing gum, sweets, other confections, liqueurs, syrups, sodas, cola and other energy drinks, yoghurt, ice cream, cereals, ready meals, charcuterie, condiments, beers and food supplements. Within our portfolio one also finds a wide range of organic flavours.

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Our history

It was in 1980 in Vence,

on the road to Grasse, in an ancient 11th century abbey with the predestined name of Notre Dame des Fleurs that we started our business. Bruno Court, one of the first glove-perfumer in Grasse, settled there in 1812. He produced different essential oils there for his own production and the trading of raw materials.

Our family business then developed a passion for these places and their atypical history and created a tourist perfumery. In 1984, we began to develop food flavourings at the request of certain kitchen professionals. Working for years in perfumes and aromatic products, we have used this knowledge to achieve high quality aromas. An application restaurant allowed us to validate and adapt these products for professionals. To cope with the development of our products, we settled in 2003 in the area of Cannes La Bocca. These premises are much more suited to our profession, our quality system and production volume.

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In 2013, in order to cope with our growth under good conditions, we built a new unit in Grasse allowing us to produce more than 3000 flavour references under optimal conditions. The size and configuration of these new premises have allowed us to take a new step. This production unit is located in the AromaGrasse business park, an area set up area created particularly for companies with links to the flavouring Industry.
To enable us to assume our international growth, an extension of 1000 m² has been built in 2019.

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