Healthy No Bake Bars

Energy  –  Electrolyes  –  Recovery

1-2-Taste presents three novel healthy bar concepts that you can develop with the ingredients from 1-2-Taste. The Energy, Electrolytes and Recovery Bars are developed by our product development partner Bakery Academy with ingredients from 1-2-Taste suppliers. 

Let these 1-2-Tester Concepts inspire you to develop with the ingredients and service partners on 1-2-Taste.
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Developed by Bakery Academy   

In collaboration with Nedmag   

Developed by Bakery Academy   

In collaboration with Nedmag   

Bar 1: A true healthy ENERGYZER

This bar is full of powerfull natural goodness like baobab, haskap berry and rosehip from the 1-2-Taste platform.
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Bar 2: The ELECTROLYTES replenisher

Levels of Electrolytes will be boosted with help of these highly nutritional ingredients like Magnesiumchloride, Kombucha, Brainberry and Naxus.
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 Bar 3: A fast RECOVERY booster

Stuffed with Proteins, this bar will help in muscle recovery after excersize. (Click products for more detailed information.)

1-2-Tester Concepts Developed by the Bakery Academy

At Bakery Academy, we believe in your unique, local ingredients and recipes!

We want to help you create products with a characteristic taste unique to your business. We firmly believe that we can facilitate you in the desired growth and expansion of your business. Just ask our clients all over the world! Together, we explore recipes, processes, and traditional ingredients.

Surprising new products in line with the highest production standards are produced all the time. Together with your team, we will develop, transfer, and maintain the same or better quality and taste throughout the process. To help you, we offer practical advice, hands-on or remote coaching, and training on the job.