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About MCLS Europe

Mitsubishi Corporation Life Science (MCLS) Europe finds its roots in Japan; and almost all products in our portfolio originate from  fermentation processes. With a long tradition of fermentation technology in Japan, MCLS Europe was established in 2015 to bring the best ingredients to the European market. We implement this with a small and dedicated team of experts and our own R&D facilities in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. 

“Our work revolves around our Japanese Heritage”

Core values

At MCLS Europe, our work revolves around our Japanese Heritage, and enhancing Taste & Health is what we do best. We can support you by supplying high value-added products, utilizing our own biotechnology and a great amount of expertise from our dedicated team of professionals. Combined with expertise of the local market, our company passionately supports every customer with tailored solutions. 


When you work with MCLS Europe, we offer a unique partnership within the Food & Beverage industry that endorses customer service and satisfaction as our first priority. Through our extensive expertise with Yeast extract and fermentation technology we are able to provide innovative, safe, healthy, functional ingredients and flavourings that cater a wide range of taste solutions. Our Nutrition department offers the latest, fermentation based, nutraceutical ingredients from Japan that allows for food supplement development with true added value. Whether you’re looking for salt reduction, Umami boosting or state-of-the-art nutraceuticals we are here to support.




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Logo MCLS 1 300x149 1