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Joyce Maina

Founder & Director

There is a whole world of tea largely undiscovered by tea enthusiasts and laypeople alike. It’s an exciting world featuring history, colours, flavours, and aromas. Not only do consumers want to understand their cup of tea better, but young and old are looking for new experiences. That’s where Cambridge Tea Consultancy steps into the picture.

Are you are a tea grower looking to get the best prices for your tea, or a trader of first-rate, strategic buying and stockholding? Perhaps you are a packer seeking the optimised mix of blends for your factory or customers? A hospitality provider focused on delivering memorable tea experiences? Is your company a startup or a multinational? Whichever applies to you, Cambridge Tea Consultancy is here for you!


My “Bush-To-Brand-To-Cup” experience is unique in the trade. Our tea consultancy will work with you or your clients to unlock solutions and create effective strategies for the future!

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Tea Consultancy

Expert Tea Advice:  Black tea, green tea, ice tea, decaf, speciality, and herbal tea. Using my extensive insights into the tea value chain, I advise on producing the proper tea, market access, smart buying or blending, NPD, supplier management, and sustainability.

If it’s to do with tea, I can help you.

Global Tea Industry Solutions: Drawing on my vast international experience working with Unilever, Twinings, Tata/Tetley, and Taylors of Harrogate/Yorkshire Tea, I work with you to create practical solutions for your business.

My expert advice covers many markets around the world.

Bespoke Tea Consultation: I provide invaluable insight and practical consultation to tea growers, traders, packers, start-ups, multinationals, NGOs, and development agencies.

Become a Tea Expert

Tea Education: Tea training is at the heart of what I do; I love to share my knowledge with anyone thirsty to learn about tea, from tea farmers to tea drinkers.

We offer tea training and tasting courses in the UK and Kenya.

Tea Taster Training & Certification: Whatever your level of tea knowledge, we will invest our learnings from over 28 years of tea experience to train you with skills ranging from grading and QA, to Master Blending.

THAC Tea Sommelier ® Certification Program: Offer your customers the highest level of service. Train and get certified with the world-acclaimed Tea and Herbal Association of Canada program. This course is ideal for you if you work in hospitality, start-up businesses, and tea sales and marketing.

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