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Founded in 1914, Edlong is committed to being a world-class flavour company with a wide range of flavours including cheese, butter, cream, and milk flavours that improve a variety of classic taste profiles.

Edlong® stands out as a global leader that is focused exclusively on dairy flavours. Edlong’s flavours are also unique in the flavour and mouthfeel of sugar-reduced products, they can mask nutritional ingredients in foods and beverages, and are available in dairy-free and vegan options.



After more than a century, Edlong has achieved a level of expertise in dairy flavours that no one else has. Edlong’s proprietary technologies, along with a wide knowledge of flavour chemistry and food systems, allow their clients to create new, authentic, and lower cost product formulations that meet the ever-evolving needs of consumers. Edlong balances technical skill with an artistic approach, creating authentic flavour profiles that go beyond taste to deliver a complete culinary experience. Today, Edlong’s global range includes more than 250 dairy-free and vegan flavours to help food product developers achieve authentic dairy taste experiences in plant-based applications.

Edlong is also able to help with custom flavour development, application and culinary support, regulatory compliance, and supply chain performance.

Through the Edlong Enriches program, which is led by the employee-driven Giving Back Team, Edlong fulfils its mission to improve the lives of everyone they touch. They do so by contributing both time and resources to support their main areas of focus: food, nutrition and health, food science education, career mentoring, and crisis aid and relief. Edlong consistently exceeds its contribution goal of 1% of annual profits.


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Edlong are experts in cheese flavours.

Cheese flavours are very popular in dips, sauces, soups, sides, and main dishes. They are perfect for masking the bitter off-notes of plant proteins in vegan cheese formulations and bringing back authentic dairy tastes in dairy-free applications. With Edlong, you can recreate the taste of Gouda and Cheddar as Analog Cheese. The largest and most popular Edlong cheese can be used in many applications:

  • Mozzarella, Cheddar, European Cheese Flavour Collection, Hispanic Cheese Flavour Collection
  •  Vegan, Analog, Fat reduced Cheeses
  •   Cheese-based Dips, Sauces, Soups, Sides, and Main Dishes


Edlong® has a variety of milk and cream flavours, from heavy cream to sweet cream, that deliver a silky mouthfeel, mask protein and nutritive off-notes and create an unforgettable taste experience. The Edlong flavours can be used in products like Ice Cream, Dairy and many more areas. Edlong flavours serve to add specific taste in applications like dairy or milk replacements or snacks where no dairy ingredients can or should be used.


Edlong are experts in butter flavours. Edlong has distinctive, concentrated natural butter flavours that are heat stable, cost-effective, and have a superior taste. Edlong offers a variety of forms and solubilities to meet your processing needs. Edlong flavours can be used in products like ice cream, spreads, sauces, crackers, cookies, dips, prepared meals, side dishes, or other applications.


Edlong specialises in functional flavours and has a wide range of masking flavours used for vegan and gluten-free applications that are cost-effective. Edlong offers a full line of masking flavours that boost taste and overcome the bitter, metallic, and off-notes that plant-based ingredients leave behind. Edlong flavours also enhance the products with more creaminess, richness, and indulgence, and improve the intangibles that bring foods and beverages to life.


Edlong has years of experience in the field of dairy enzymes and cultures. Each of Edlong’s flavours is carefully developed to provide the best levels of fat content, acidity, and texture, and is suitable for a variety of fermented milk and other food applications, including non-dairy and vegan ones.

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