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BETA Nutritions was founded by me, Tobias Hammer. I have been working as a PHD chemist in the food industry for over 11 years. As an experienced food industry consultant, I bring extensive expertise and a proven track record in optimizing operations and product development. With an in-depth understanding of the industry’s requirements, I provide tailored solutions to increase efficiency and maximize product quality.

My expertise extends to sourcing unique raw materials, developing innovative formulations and implementing quality control procedures. Through many years of working with suppliers and customers, I have built an extensive network to secure first-class raw materials while ensuring cost-effective solutions.

I specialize in identifying trends in the food industry and turning these insights into practical strategies. My skills span the entire value chain, from sourcing to production and commercialization. As a passionate advocate of quality standards and innovation, I am committed to helping companies strengthen their competitiveness and operate successfully in an ever-changing market.

My Services

With a clear focus on customer satisfaction and taking sustainability aspects into account, I am at your disposal as a competent consultant to help you achieve your business goals in the food industry.

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