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Test three Healthy Bar Concepts made with Ingredients from 1-2-Taste


Rely on 1-2-Taste to order the best ingredients for you so that you can produce delicious, healthy food for your customers in this ever more health-conscious market.

To get an example of what you can produce with our many healthy ingredient options, why not start by ordering a pack of our concept 1-2-Tester Healthy Bars? These three bars contain more fruit, vegetables, healthy fibre, and less refined sugar than conventional bars. Each bar, developed in association with our partner Paul ten Have of the International Project Service food industry, is packed with enormous nutritional value.

1-2-Taste brings you a range of concept products: the 1-2-Testers, showcasing what end products you can develop with ingredients from 1-2-Taste.

Veg-Baobab-Teff Bar 

Spinach, baobab and teff give this healthy bar its extraordinary nutritional value and flavour, while the maple syrup and vanilla add a subtle sweetness. MoisturLOK humectant perfectly manages the moisture content.

Veg-Baobab-Teff Bar 

Spinach, Baobab and Teff give this healthy bar its extraordinary natrutional value and flavour while the Maple Syrup and Vanilla gives a subtle sweetness and taste. MoisturLOK perfectly manages the moisture content.

Fruit-Teff Bar

This is a lovely, fruity bar. It gets its tastiness and fibre from orange, apple, and teff grains. These bars do not contain any refined sugar and are sweetened with maple syrup and a touch of vanilla. MoisturLOK is used to increase shelf life.

Fruit-Teff Bar

This is a lovely fruity bar, tasty and full of fibre from Orange, Apple and Teff grains. No refined sugar but sweetened with Maple Syrup and a touch of Vanilla. MoisturLOK will increase shelf life.

Fruit-Baobab-Protein Bar

This highly nutritional bar is loaded with brown pea protein concentrate and superfruits, like baobab and pomegranate. It is guaranteed to give you a boost in energy. Natural maple syrup and vanilla add to the great flavour while MoisturLOK will keep the bar fresh.

Fruit-Baobab-Protein Bar

This bar with Brown Pea Protein Concentrate and superfruits Baobab and Pomegranade will give you a boost in energy and nutritional value. Natural Maple Syrup and Vanilla adds to the great flavour while MoisturLOK will keep the bar fresh.

1-2-Tester: HEALTHY BARS

The 1-2-Tester Healthy Bars are full of the good stuff, not only for your customers but also for the environment. Many of the ingredients are sustainably grown or even saved from waste.

The package consists of three Healthy Bars: Veg-Baobab-Teff, Fruit-Teff, and Fruit-Baobab-Protein.

This is an excellent product for your healthy and environmentally conscious customers. Our concept bars have less refined sugar, high nutritional value, and more fibre, fruit, vegetables, and protein than conventional bars. And don’t forget the great taste!


Our product developer, Paul ten Have from the International Project Service food industry (IPSfi), uses a variety of top-quality, healthy, and sustainable ingredients from the 1-2-Taste platform to create these three healthy bars. Below you can find which ingredients were selected for these delicious cookies!

The Common Denominator

These three quality ingredients are included in the recipe of each of the three bars: MoisturLOK from Anderson Advanced Ingredients, maple syrup from DO-IT, and vanilla extract from Pure Vanilla.


The perfect texture of these bars comes from teff flour or grain (Blonk Quality Ingredients), or from brown pea protein concentrate (Aloja Starkelsen).

MoisturLOK is capable of binding moisture, which keeps your food from getting dry. Water loss is reduced, texture, taste, and smell are enhanced, and shelf life is extended by more than 20%.

DO IT distills its pure maple syrup from organically cultivated sugar maple tree sap. Organic maple syrup is a perfect replacement for honey in baking recipes.

Pure Vanilla directly imports its organic, high-quality bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar. You can use this extract as a natural flavouring substance in many different products, like cookies, pastries, and ice cream.

The teff grain is milled on different mills to produce flour that you can use in bakery products, coatings, batters, and as a binding agent. Teff has many great nutritional benefits, like a low glycemic index and high content of minerals.

This teff brown grain is a superfood. Among other qualities, it is an excellent source of fibre. It also contains healthy nutrients like iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Teff grain can be milled, extruded, puffed, used straight away in a recipe, or as decoration in bakery.

Organic brown pea protein concentrate is a functional, plant-based protein concentrate (50% protein). It has a mild, nutty taste. You can use this concentrate to replace animal protein such as eggs, as an emulsifier, or as a texturiser.

Upcycled Ingredients – Saved from Waste!

Agrosingularity is the first to manufacture powdered ingredients from the by-products of fresh plants. They dehydrate and grind parts of the fruits and vegetables that typically go to waste like peels, stems, and leaves, turning them into nutritious powders. By using these fruit and vegetable powders, you save an ingredient from waste, which reduces the carbon emissions of your food production. These powders are 100% natural.

Organic Baobab- A Superfruit!

The Veg-Baobab-Teff Bar and the Fruit-Baobab-Protein Bar contain this organic superfruit, which has a high nutritional value, great flavour, and a pleasing texture.

This tasty spinach powder can be used in snacks, soups, and pastes. It is full of vitamins and very nutritious due to its high chlorophyll content.

BIO Orange Powder serves as an organic antioxidant and preservative. It also adds flavour, colour, smell, and texture to your food at the same time!

Pomegranate skin is an effective ally in reducing the loss of bone density due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a natural antioxidant that you can use in several applications, like making powders or flakes.

This apple powder serves as a natural preservative and antioxidant that adds flavour, smell, colour, and texture to your food. The apple is rich in pectin, a type of soluble fibre that is not absorbed in the intestine and improves digestion.

This superfruit native to Africa is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It adds a delicious, potent, and tangy citrus flavour. This is an excellent ingredient for supplements or a variety of healthy food products.

Meet the 1-2-Testers: Concepts to Inspire


1-2-Taste is delighted to bring you a range of concept products. The 1-2-Testers showcase what end products you can develop with ingredients on 1-2-Taste. Now, you can try three Healthy Bars developed by 1-2-Taste product development partner Paul ten Have of the International Project Service food industry (IPSfi).

Try these 1-2-Tester Concepts and get inspired by what you can develop working with the ingredients and service partners on 1-2-Taste.



The International Project Service food industry (IPSfi) was started by Paul Have ten years ago. Have has worked as a consultant for several companies like Cargill, Royal Smilde, Pally Biscuits, Banketgroep, van der Meulen, Euroma, FNLI, and VBZ, helping them with product and process development.

Paul has an application test bakery to create prototypes, test new recipes and raw materials, and prepare material for sensory tests. He can assist you in production scale-up as well.

“As an independent consultant, I deliver tailormade, quick service when and where it is needed. Let me know if you need any technical help for the development or troubleshooting concerning baked goods,  snack seasonings, or any other food.”