A focused full service provider for a comprehensive range of truffle products:

–   all varieties of fresh truffles to gastronomy and retail
–   premium truffle products manufactured for retail channels
–   high quality truffle ingredients for industry clients




Instead of sourcing from just one place, we find the best truffles globally. That means truffles of higher quality, more reliably and more months of the year.
We are using industry-leading preservation methods like freeze-dying to give fresh truffles a longer life in the kitchen.
In our Production & Product Development Centre in Petervàsàra, 1.5 hours west of Budapest, Hungary we process fresh Truffles and develop Truffle Products for our retail and industry clients.
TRUFO is a joint venture between second generation Hungarian / Transsylvanian truffle specialists and a group of Swiss investors with a strong back-ground in the premium food industry.


From off the-shelf, to white label and completely custom projects. Trufo produces at scale, leveraging R&D expertise and quality assurance to deliver exceptional true derived and true-inspired products.
Trufo delivers premium truffle competence across the value chain. From international sourcing to product development and packaging.
We operate at industrial scale (50+ tons) production levels and have long standing distribution relationships for frictionless fulfilment worldwide.

Our expert Research and Development team use the latest technology to deliver tailor-made solutions for special needs and applications.
Our team of seasoned industry professionals are ready to deliver world class truffle derivedand truffle inspired products.

Our world class production facility was purpose-built near to the source of some of our primary materials, local product expertise and excellent European and global transport links.
With Trufo you benefit from both quality and scale, without compromise.

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