Vanille BV grow high-quality vanilla beans in a sustainable manner with respect for the environment.
By doing this, they can give their farmers a secure and honest income while at the same time giving customers the best quality products at a fair price.

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Vanille BV offers high-quality Bourbon Planifolia vanilla beans from Madagascar in a natural and organic variety. These vanilla beans have a high vanillin content of at least 1,2% and up to 1,7% and a moisture content of between 32-38%. The beans are grown sustainably to give a good income to the farmers while being friendly to the environment. Planifolia beans are famous for their unique aroma, complex flavour and smooth creaminess. Because of this, they are mostly used in cooking and to flavour ice cream, baked goods, chocolate, and other sweets. Vanille BV’s special steam process against mould allows for good quality and integrity of the beans during their shelf life.


High-quality Tahitensis vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea contain 0,4-0,8% vanillin. They also have over 1200 flavour components. This gives these beans their rich, floral, fruity, cherry-like, and anise flavour. The moisture content is between 35-43%. The beans are sustainably grown to provide a good income to the farmers while being environmentally friendly. Tahitensis beans are highly desirable because of their unique aroma. They are also very suitable for use in short and no-bake recipes where the flavour is best kept. The special steam process against mould allows for good quality and integrity of the beans during their shelf life.


These organic and non-organic quality cuts of vanilla beans have a high vanillin content. All the beans are sustainably grown and protected against mould by a unique steam treatment ensuring the quality and product integrity. The vanillin content is between 1.2-1.7% and the moisture content is between 20-25%. These cuts are great for extraction purposes or industrial use.


Vanille BV offers many Vanilla Powders that are all sustainably grown. The Vanilla Powders are high-quality and Organic with a high vanillin content. As well as this, Vanille BV produces a low-vanillin powder. These are made from vanilla beans that have been used in an extraction process and then dried and grinded. Because of this, the powder give products the typical black vanilla particles.


Vanille BV has a flexible range of products which includes vanilla paste that is grown on organic and non-organic farms. High-quality Bourbon Vanilla beans from Madagascar are used in the removal process. The removal process uses a warm method, with or without alcohol. This vanilla paste adds a rich vanilla flavour to bakery, confectionery, dairy, sweets, and savoury foods. The Vanilla paste leaves a delicious stronger flavour in the food end-products.


Vanille BV’s popular vanilla extract is taken from the pods and seeds of high-quality Bourbon Vanilla beans from Madagascar. The Vanilla extraction uses a cold removal method, with or without alcohol. Vanilla Extract can be used as a natural food flavouring in many food applications such as cookies, pastries, ice cream, cakes, milkshakes, desserts, chocolates, fillings, puddings, soups, sauces, savouries, vegetable mix, sweets, and more.

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