Providing Quality Teff
to the Entire World



Blonk is the teff expert, they are continuously working on improving crop conditions and consequently the properties of the teff. In this way, after years of research in selected fields, they have obtained better nutritional values for their teff, which allows us to offer superior quality teff. In fact, Blonk can guarantee certain special nutritional values of some of their batches should they be of interest to you. Since it is the sole raw material they work with, all premises are designed to only process teff. Blonk controls the whole process, from farm to final product, so they guarantee total traceability


Teff is the smallest sized cereal in the world and is part of the Ancient Grains family of products. It is originally from Ethiopia. According to nutrition experts, the unique combination of the characteristics of teff makes it into a very special food with extraordinary nutritional values. Blonk Quality Ingredients started growing teff in Spain more than 10 years ago in various regions of the country. Blonk produces conventional teff and they are also the world’s largest producer of organic teff. 



Although Teff is originally from Ethiopia, its wonderful properties encouraged Blonk to start growing it in Spain more than 10 years ago in various regions of the Iberian country.

Control & Quality

Blonk controls the whole process, from farm to final product, so they have total traceability. All their teff is processed on their premises with extreme care and complies with all EU food regulations and is certified by external official laboratories.

R & D

Blonk is continuously working on improving crop conditions, the nutritional values of teff, and developing new products. This allows them to offer superior quality teff to meet customers’ needs.

Organic Production

Blonk produces both conventional and organic teff. As the world largest producer of organic teff, they can provide organic food companies with the possibility of working with teff.


Teff is a superfood. Blonk wants to supply its customers with excellent teff, not only for its external appearance but also for its nutritional benefits.
Blonk’s product range includes Teff grains, Teff Flour, Teff Flakes, and other specialities of Teff.

  • High content of healthy nutrients, such as Fe, Ca, Mg, Zn
  • Excellent source of fibre
  • Gluten-free 
  • Excellent intestinal absorption
  • Source of energy
  • Very low in fat
  • Contains slow carbohydrates 
  • High content of essential amino acids
  • Low Glycemic Index 
  • Sustainable foodstuff for the environment 
  • GMO free