Your R&D Partner in Successful Food Innovations


TeamTastemakers is your R&D partner to develop successful innovations and improve existing products in the food industry. Do you have good ideas but not know how to realize them? TeamTastemakers are experts in nutrition and innovations. We are happy to help you with our broad expertise, creativity, and innovation process knowledge. We supplement what is missing in your organization!

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The Team

An innovation chef, a marketer and two technologists

The four of us bring more than 100 years of work experience in innovations at medium and large food companies. This allows us to oversee all the different phases of creation and bridge the gap between disciplines such as marketing, R&D, and production. All to help you innovate successfully!

“Using good ideas and a clear concept, we work on consistent translation into every aspect of the innovation: ingredients, recipe, taste, smell, texture, claims, technology, packaging, price, etc.”

It is not without reason that TeamTastemakers has ‘Team’ first in our name. We enjoy working with people, whether the management, a factory team, a start-up, or a family at the table. We believe in the power of collaboration to achieve better innovations.

One of our main drivers is sustainability, not only in our working method but also in the products we develop. For example, limiting waste flows or developing methods to convert these waste flows into high-quality products.

Emiel Cevaal

Food Engineer

Jan Peter Versteegen

Innovation chef

Andries Zachariasse


Robert Daamen

Nutritionist & claim expert

The Innovation Lab

Not Just a Lab!

The Innovation Lab is a professional kitchen, a lab, a pilot plant, a greenhouse, an incubator, a restaurant, and a farm. The creative experts are people from our network and people we have worked with often. They are real specialists in, for example, vegetarian food, organic farming, fermentation, meat substitutes, or international cuisine.

“In the Innovation Lab, we bring together professionals from different disciplines to inspire and challenge each other. It’s a place where we can process our products, (test) produce, test with real consumers, gather insights, collect data, adjust, improve, etc.”