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Searching in Dietary Suitability: Halal

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BColors Grape Violet is a

A rare sugar found in fruits,

BColors  “Unicorn-Pink” is a

Plant-Ex Raspberry Flavour is

BColor Spirulina Blue is a

BColors Berry-Red is a natural

A rare sugar found in fruits ,

Imag Organic 100% Blue Agave

BColors Lemon-Yellow is a

BColors Apple Green is a

BColors Chili-Red is a natural

SVZ Mango Puree is made of

Agave Syrup Extra Light or

Plant-Ex Natural Beta Carotene

SVZ Passion fruit Puree is

Plant-Ex Kiwi Green Liquid

A 100% blue agave sweetener

Vanilla Beans of highest

Apple juice concentrate, made

It is KETO and

Mango Juice concentrate, made

SVZ Raspberry Puree is made of

A 100% Blue Agave sweetener

Plant-Ex Curcumin Powder is a