Pectcof – Dutch Gum Extract I – Spray Dried Powder

Brand: Pectcof

Dutch Gum Extract I is an emulsifier and stabilizer for the food and beverage market.

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    Pectcof – Dutch Gum Extract I – Spray Dried Powder

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    Dutch Gum Extract I is a first extraction from the coffee pulp biomass (flesh and skin of the coffee fruit) The biomass is carefully picked, selected, wet milled, dried, grinded and packaged before production. During production the biomass is washed, extracted, purified, evaporated and spray dried to end up with Dutch Gum extract I.

    The GRAS dossier of Dutch gum extracts is under review by the Expert Panel in US. It is expected to have Self Affirmed GRAS end of this year and EFSA evaluation middle of 2024. EU approval by the PAFF committee may come by the end of 2024. However, 1-2-Taste can sell small quantities to experiment with in your product development process.

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    Application Area

    Beverage – Non alcoholic (incl. water ice)

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    Flavour Descriptors

    Acidic, Fresh, Sweet

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    Shelf Life

    36 Months

    Storage Conditions

    Dry, cool and out of direct sunlight.

    Country of Origin

    South America