Flavour Selection – Book a Free 20 minutes Intake

Navigate the complex world of selecting the right flavour for your product. Book your 20-minute free consult with SJD Consultancy and learn how Stephen can help you reach the best win for your company.

Flavour Selection – Book a Free 20 minutes Intake

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Stephen will help you answer all the questions:

  • How best to select the flavours?  What kind of questions should I begin with?  How do I go about selecting potential flavours?
  • What are the flavour suppliers looking for from me, so they can best help me?
  • What are the critical technical questions I should be asking the flavour supplier (concerning my base, process and design parameters)?
  • How should I think about prototype development, evaluation and commercialization issues?
  • What kinds of things do I need to consider related to QA/QC, HACCP, etc. when selecting flavours?
  • What’s the best practice for ongoing procurement after I develop and manufacture my product?