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Podcast #8: Going to market strategies – launch a new product successfully

Welcome to another exciting episode of 1-2-Taste Talks Food Ingredients, the podcast that delves into the world of food ingredients. In today’s edition, we’ll immerse ourselves in the art of Going to market, uncovering indispensable tips and tricks along the way. Our distinguished panel of five food ingredient experts will share their unique perspectives, guiding you on a path towards food successful product launches in the retail and specialty stores.



Jasper Schouten
Co-Founder & CEO of 1-2 Taste


BlonkEgbert Sonneveld
Owner of Blonk Quality Ingredients

SteveSteve Baxter
Director of HE Stringer Flavour

Ross headshot Oct2020 1024x768 1600x e1680512409576Ross Norris
General Manager of Australian Native Products

Manuel Pena Roig DelsaManuel Peña Roig
Co-founder & CEO of Delsa

Alvaro Manuel Garcia AgrosingularityAlvaro Manuel Garcia
Sales Manager Food at AgroSingularity

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