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Bulk Nutrition products are fresh, nutritionally rich and high quality nutrients, carefully selected from our network of reputable manufacturers and processors around the world.

Alpine Nutrition: Global market intermediary expertise

Alpine Nutrition maintains a significant presence in global markets, acting as a high-volume, cost-efficient intermediary between producers and consumers. Their extensive expertise and global supply chains enable them to promptly address the daily structural supply and demand imbalances in the markets. Specialized teams within the group allow for the provision of efficiency and the addition of value to both suppliers and customers.

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About Alpine Nutrition

Alpine Nutrition serves as a trusted sourcing partner for numerous leading brands and innovative food businesses seeking to provide their customers with premium ingredients. They import a vast array of superfood ingredients from more than 15 countries and collaborate directly with farmers’ cooperatives and manufacturer partners to deliver top-quality ingredients at competitive prices.

By sourcing directly from them, the company supports small family farmers and indigenous communities around the world. They consistently engage directly with their sources to ensure fair labor practices and to aid in the development of processing at the source.

All products packed at their organic factory in Slovenia adhere to HACCP standards and are devoid of genetically modified organisms (GMO), as guaranteed by the EKO-SI certificate bestowed by Kon-Cert Slovenia. Everything they supply is traceable and packed with goodness, ensuring a blend of healthiness and deliciousness.

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