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Podcast #5: Sustainability trends in food ingredients

Welcome to a new episode of 1-2-Taste Talks Food Ingredients. In this episode, we will be discussing sustainability trends in food ingredients. Our episode features five food experts who will provide their unique insights on developing a prototype, achieving prototype status, managing procurement, and overseeing the supply chain. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how sustainability is becoming a key driver in the food industry, and how businesses are adapting to meet the growing demand for sustainable practices. Join us as we explore the latest trends and innovations in sustainable food ingredients production and consumption.



Jasper Schouten
Co-Founder & CEO of 1-2 Taste


Aart van den Bos Moring WizeAart van den Bos
Co-founder of Moringa Wize

Bert Jan Ottens ProfoundBert Jan Ottens
Owner & Senior Advisor ProFound

Alvaro Manuel Garcia AgrosingularityAlvaro Manuel Garcia
Sales Manager Food at AgroSingularity

Monique van de Vijver Solidaridad NetwerkMonique van de Vijver
Innovation Manager Health at Solidaridad Network

Florence Span Peel PioneersFlorence Span
Food Application Specialist at PeelPioneers

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