Vegan Stock – Vegan Coconut Milk Powder – VCMPNEU65.A5

Vegan Coconut Milk Powder, high fat content, no preservatives.

Creamy white color, fresh coconut flavour, water soluble.

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    Vegan Stock – Vegan Coconut Milk Powder – VCMPNEU65.A5


    Vegan Coconut Milk Powder—your premium dairy-free solution for large-scale food production.

    Carefully produced from fresh coconuts using advanced spray drying technology, this powder is perfect for creating various plant-based yogurts, ice creams, chocolates, and pastry fillings.

    Optimize your formulation with this high-quality ingredient, that enhances the taste and texture of your plant-based products.

    Available in bulk packages, starting at 15 kg.

    Additional information

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    HSN Code


    Application Area

    Beverage – Non alcoholic (incl. water ice), Blends & Ingredients B2B, Confectionery, Dairy – Ice Cream & Desserts, Dairy – Liquid, Dairy – Margarine, butter and spreads, Dairy – Cheese, Pet Food, Plant-based Meat and Dairy Alternatives, Ready Meals and Meal Components, Savoury baked goods, Side Dishes, Soups & Sauces and Seasonings, Spreads (non dairy), Sweet baked goods, Beverage – Dry, Chocolate, Health, Sports and Nutrition

    Flavour Profile

    Flavour Descriptors

    Characteristic fresh, natural coconut flavour, free from foreign or objectionable flavours

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    Dietary Suitability

    , ,

    Shelf Life

    18 Months

    DG Classification

    NON DG

    Storage Conditions

    Store in a dry and cool place

    Country of Origin

    Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam