Ken Aromatic – Mint Oil

100% natural and pure Mint oil is 100 percent from Mint grown using sustainable practices. It is free of toxins, unfiltered and undiluted with any fillers.

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Ken Aromatic – Mint Oil


Mint oil is extensively used in food, pharmaceutical, perfumery and flavouring industry. We – Ken Aromatics – a group of smallholder farmers, grow Mint arvensis following sustainable agricultural practices in the Bundelkhand Region of Madhya Pradesh, India. The Bundelkhand region in India is one of the least developed parts of India with low industrialization and most of the population living in rural areas. Droughts, mass-scale poverty, migration and low economic productivity are some of the prevailing problems of the Bundelkhand region.

The production and processing of Mint arvensis provides an important livelihood and income generating opportunity for farmers in the region. It also provides employment opportunities especially for women, through building their skills in crop management, harvesting and processing. By purchasing our products you contribute to nature, climate and livelihoods.

We directly source the superior quality of raw material Mint leaves from our member farmers for the extraction of premium quality Mint oil.

Our Mint oil is 100 percent natural and pure. It is free of toxins, unfiltered and undiluted with any fillers.

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Dimensions 10 cm


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Cosmetics, home & body care, Health, sports & Nutrition, Pharmaceutical, OTC



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Typical Mint

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Cool and Dark

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