Anderson Advanced Ingredients – VegiSURGE Natural Caffeine Green Tea – YG6444

VegiSURGE Natural Caffeine Green Tea is a clean label Non-GMO 99% natural caffeine, which is extracted from Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) through a solvent-free process.

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    Anderson Advanced Ingredients – VegiSURGE Natural Caffeine Green Tea – YG6444


    VegiSURGE Natural Caffeine Green Tea as a natural caffeine is a white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that acts as a potent central nervous system stimulant, increases the release of adrenaline, and extends the life of cyclic AMP. As a result, caffeine acts as a thermogenic, provides more energy, increases lipolysis, increases mental alertness and focus, and spares muscle glycogen for even longer muscle endurance. The natural source of caffeine in comparison to synthesized caffeine from petroleum based components is considered to be absorbed more quickly in the digestive system potentially resulting in a quicker, unnatural spike, which makes it a great candidate when developing sport nutrition beverages.


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    Weight 0,10 kg
    Dimensions 10 cm

    1500KG IN BAGS OF 25KG, 200KG IN BAGS OF 25KG, 25KG BAG, SAMPLE 100G

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    Beverage – Brewery, Beverage – Non alcoholic (incl. water ice), Blends & Ingredients B2B, Health, sports & Nutrition

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    NON DG

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    Dark & Dry, room temperature.


    Green Tea, Natural Caffeine

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