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What does not from concentrate mean?

While all juices go through a manufacturing process to ensure they are all safe to drink, “non-concentrated” is created by squeezing the fruit and then processing it without removing it. or add water. If you buy juice labeled “not from concentrate”, that means the juice has been pressed. This is a pasteurized juice that is safe to use and does not contain pathogens. This process also extends the shelf life of the juice.

From concentrate vs not from concentrate

Concentrated juice starts out as regular juice, is partially dehydrated (to a thick liquid) and then reconstituted with water. This is done because concentrates store longer and are easier to transport. No concentrates are in juice form at all times. If you’ve ever seen cans/tubes of frozen juice that you add water to, it’s juice concentrate.

NFC fruit juice

NFC fruit juices that are pasteurized and then sold to consumers without concentrate are labeled as “non-concentrated”. Like “from concentrate” processing, most NFC- processing steps reduce the natural flavour of the juice slightly. NFC manufacturers use a manufacturing process in which the juice is placed in a sterile warehouse, with oxygen extracted from it, for up to one year. A common ingredient in flavour packs is ethyl butyrate, a natural flavour that people associate with freshness and is removed from juice during pasteurization and storage.

Quality and quantity

Smaller Juice NFC quantities are available as bag-in-box for smaller (test) productions and even as 1 kg samples. Specifications can be downloaded with each product (make a free account when need) and are consistent over the various quantities. Develop a product using a sample and be assured of the same specifications when you produce! 1-2-Taste offers flexibility in quantity ordered, also to SME food producers.