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Organic juice concentrates

Organic juice concentrates are juices from which most of the water has been removed. Once most of the liquid has been removed, it results in a thick, syrupy product known as a concentrate. By extracting moisture, the growth of bacteria is suppressed. That means concentrates don’t spoil so easily. Concentrates are often more processed than raw juice. With our versatile juice concentrates, your products taste as fruity as the fruit itself.

Fruit juice concentrates

Fruit juice concentrates are made primarily from fresh fruit. Fruit concentrate is made by filtering the water from the pulp. Concentrated products are stored under sterile, non-sterile and frozen conditions. These methods have historically been used to optimize transportation around the world, but once they reach the juice production site they are simply reconstituted with the same amount of water that evaporated from there. Concentrated fruit juices are popular because fruit juices are easier and cheaper to store and transport than regular juices.

Vegetable juice concentrates

Vegetable juice concentrates are used to naturally add a vegetable flavour to the final product. They are simply juices from vegetables with the water removed, creating a potent, delicious liquid concentrate that is easy to pour, easy to use, and has a long shelf life. Recommended uses: Baked goods, beverages, smoothies, cheeses, dips, dressings, functional foods, marinades, pet foods , plant bases, prepared foods, salads, sauces, soups, fillings and toppings.

Ordering at 1-2-Taste

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