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Full colour intensity – without artificial colours and preservatives Colouring foods are food ingredients that are made from colourful fruit, vegetables and edible plants. Colourful foods can be produced using these products completely free of colourings and preservatives (100% clean label). Colouring foods also do not have to be declared as a colouring or with an E number.

What are food colourings?
Bombasei food colours are food ingredients made from intensely coloured fruits, vegetables and edible plants. The products are therefore a truly natural alternative to conventional food colours – without an E number!

What ingredients are Bombasei food colours made from?
The food coloutings are obtained from 100% fruits, vegetables and edible plants. The raw materials come from controlled cultivation by permanent contractual partners. During production, the natural raw materials are processed into a highly concentrated essence exclusively by means of physical processes and using water as the process medium and edible plants) are processed into a highly concentrated essence using only physical processes and the use of water as the process medium. The use of organic solvents, dyes and preservatives or ingredients of animal origin is completely avoided. The products therefore also meet the requirements for vegetarian and vegan foods. Bombasei food colours are therefore by definition not an additive and therefore do not have to be given an E number.

Do food colours contain added sugar?
The powder colours contain fructose of the raw materials used, for example apples, carrots or blackcurrants. In addition, powder dyes use maltodextrin, for example, which is required as a carrier material when powdering the dye. Without the addition of the carrier material, the colours could not be further processed into powder.

Declaration of Bombasei food colours
Since Bombasei food colours are normal ingredients and therefore part of the recipe, they only need to be listed in the ingredients list for what they are and with what is listed in the respective specifications. For example: “colouring food: carrots and peppers” or “colouring concentrate (peppers and carrots)”