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Duplaco Micro Algea

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Demand for healthy food grows. After all, it contributes to a healthy lifestyle and can help prevent disease. Demand for premium foodstuffs increases on a global level as well. Even more so because we could face food shortages within the foreseeable future, due to massive population growth.  Duplaco produces microalgae with excellence, innovation, and creativity. The Duplaco microalgae products contribute not only to healthy food for humans but also to a healthy feed for animals. The Duplaco algae are fresh, full of flavour and prepared with a pinch of Dutch common sense.

Duplaco produces heterotrophic farmed microalgae in its own factory. These Chlorella microalgae have a unique flavour and are of premium quality. Duplaco produces fresh microalgae as well as algae in powdered and tablet form. Duplaco Chlorella microalgae have high protein levels so they perfectly suit a healthy lifestyle for both people and animals.

Duplaco Chlorella microalgae contain a large number of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, unsaturated (Omega-3 or -6) fatty acids, and dietary fibres.

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