SonderJansen – IQF Frozen Raspberry (Willamette Variety) – 101012

Indulge in the exquisite flavour of IQF raspberries from Serbia, specifically the Willamette variety. These individually quick-frozen raspberries capture the essence of Willamette raspberries in their purest form. With their vibrant colour and sweet-tart taste, IQF Serbian Willamette raspberries are perfect for a range of culinary creations. Whether you’re making desserts, jams, or adding them to breakfast bowls, enjoy the convenience of year-round availability and savour the delightful flavour of these premium raspberries in your favourite recipes.

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    SonderJansen – IQF Frozen Raspberry (Willamette Variety) – 101012


    The IQF raspberries from Serbia, specifically the Willamette variety, are characterised by their exceptional qualities that set them apart in the world of raspberries. These berries are known for their large size, vibrant colour, and deliciously sweet-tart flavour profile.

    One of the distinguishing features of the Willamette raspberries is their impressive size. These berries tend to be larger compared to other raspberry varieties, making them visually appealing and providing a satisfying bite. Their generous size also means that they have a higher pulp-to-seed ratio, resulting in a greater amount of juicy and flavourful flesh to enjoy.

    When it comes to colour, the Willamette raspberries showcase a vibrant and intense red hue. This rich colour indicates their ripeness and signals the abundance of natural pigments and antioxidants present in the fruit. The deep red shade adds a visually striking element to any dish or dessert.

    In terms of taste, the Willamette raspberries offer a delightful combination of sweetness and tartness. Their flavour profile is characterized by a natural sweetness that is perfectly balanced with a tangy and slightly acidic undertone. This balance of flavours provides a harmonious taste experience, pleasing both those with a sweet tooth and those who appreciate a touch of acidity.

    The Willamette raspberries from Serbia are highly versatile in culinary applications. They can be enjoyed fresh as a standalone snack or incorporated into a variety of recipes. From desserts like pies, tarts, and cakes to beverages like smoothies and cocktails, the sweet-tart flavour of the Willamette raspberries adds depth and complexity to a wide range of culinary creations.

    These IQF raspberries are carefully harvested and frozen at the peak of their freshness, preserving their natural qualities and ensuring that they retain their vibrant colour, texture, and flavour. This allows you to enjoy the delicious taste of Willamette raspberries throughout the year, regardless of the season.

    In conclusion, the IQF Willamette raspberries from Serbia exhibit remarkable characteristics that make them a sought-after choice among raspberry enthusiasts. Their large size, vibrant colour, and balanced sweet-tart flavour profile make them a versatile and delicious ingredient for various culinary endeavours. Whether enjoyed fresh or incorporated into recipes, these raspberries bring a delightful burst of flavour to any dish. Experience the excellence of Serbian Willamette raspberries and elevate your culinary creations with their exceptional qualities.

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    Beverage – Brewery, Beverage – Non alcoholic (incl. water ice), Cereals & cereal bars, Confectionery, Dairy – Ice Cream & Desserts, Fruit & Vegetables (incl. processed), Savoury baked goods, Sweet baked goods



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