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New blog and podcast on alcoholic beverage trends

Tune in to our latest podcast episode of 1-2-Taste TalksFoodIngredients!

Join Jasper Schouten, CEO and Co-founder of 1-2-Taste as he talks with top ingredient suppliers about market trends, best practices, product innovation, and supplier challenges.

From low-alcohol options to unique taste experiences, discover insider insights from industry experts Lisanne van der Kooi of Food Scientist For Hire, Volker Zurowietz of Sweethouse, Manuel Peña Roig of DELSA, Bas de Kroon of Vanille B.V. and Michel Goldbach of Dutch Essentials BV.

Learn about creating winning prototypes that target your ideal customer, navigating the product development journey, and overcoming supply chain challenges. with 1-2-Taste’s wide portfolio of ingredients, transparent pricing, and technical product development support.

Check out our blog for more key takeaways and listen to the podcast now! Don’t miss out on the latest trends in alcoholic beverages! Tune in to 1-2-Taste Talks Food Ingredients and stay ahead of the competition. Cheers!


  • Posted on:
  • May 4, 2023