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Podcast #4: Alcoholic Beverage – Winning your game on Alcoholic Beverages

Welcome to the 1-2-Taste Talks Food Ingredients podcast, where we delve into the process of introducing an alcoholic beverage to the market. Our episode features five food experts who will provide insights on developing a prototype, achieving prototype status, managing procurement, and overseeing the supply chain. Come join us on this exhilarating journey through the world of alcoholic beverages, and gain valuable knowledge about this ever-changing industry.



Jasper Schouten
Co-Founder & CEO of 1-2 Taste


Lisanne van der Kooi2Lisanne van der Kooi
Product developer at Food Scientist for Hire

Volker Zurowietz SweethouseVolker Zurowietz
Managing director of Sweethouse

Bas de Kroon Vanille BV e1682954431433Bas de Kroon
Managing partner of Vanille BV

Manuel Pena Roig DelsaManuel Peña Roig
Co-founder & CEO of Delsa

Michel Goldbach Dutch EssentialsMichel Goldbach
Managing director of Dutch Essentials

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