New on 1-2-Taste: NuSavor of Nutek Natural Ingredients

Nutek 05 05 2023

Introducing NuSavor: Clean Label, Natural, Plant-Based Umami Flavour Enhancer

We are thrilled to introduce NuSavor, the latest addition to our product portfolio at 1-2-Taste. NuSavor is a clean label, plant-based natural flavour that elevates umami and kokumi taste sensations, created by NuTek Natural Ingredients and now via 1-2-Taste available in Europe.

Here are the 5 key benefits of NuSavor:
• Rich umami and kokumi taste builds and rounds savoury flavour
• Reduced sodium for a better nutritional option for products high in sodium
• Replaces MSG, I+G, yeast extract, and HVPs
• Natural and clean label
• Fewer ingredients lower the cost of product formulation

NuSavor is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications including soups and sauces, seasonings, meats, plant-based foods, and noodles. We are still discovering more ways to use NuSavor and we are excited to share these possibilities with you.

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