Hexagon Nutrition – KNEADZYME-SD

Hexagon Nutrition KNEADZYME-SD consists of a wide range of blended enzymes that improves the quality of flour and the end product(Sourdough).

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Hexagon Nutrition – KNEADZYME-SD


Flour enzymes are blend(KNEADZYME) of enzymes / individual enzyme that are used to regulate the flour which is in turn used in the production of different baked products like bread, biscuits etc. They are used to enhance the functional profile of flours that are optimized based on the application of the end user. The physicochemical characteristic of flour plays an essential role in a wide range of application in the baking industry. High-quality flours provide good strength, extensibility, gluten network, flexibility, elasticity & proper hydration process which is attained with the help of flour enzymes. The resulting flour gives good result in the finished product that includes volume, good crust, crumb formation and the sensory profile.

Application: Sourdough Bread Corrector and Improver

Appearance: Characteristic coloured powder

Recommended dosage: 20g of corrector or 100g of improver for 100kg of flour.

Additional information

Dimensions 21 cm
Application Area

Bakery – Bread, Savoury baked goods, Sweet baked goods

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Shelf Life

8 Months

Storage Conditions

Store in a cool, dry and hygiene place. Protect from direct sunlight.