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What are natural preservatives?

What are natural preservatives? Natural preservatives are substances that by themselves extend the shelf life of a product. Natural preservatives are ingredients that therefore prevent products from spoiling prematurely and that occur in nature. Sugar is an example of this. It is a substance that occurs as such in nature. Oils are extracted from various elements in nature (e.g., flowers and plants). These oils can also be a natural preservative that makes products last longer.

Natural preservatives for food industry

Natural preservatives are sometimes necessary to preserve food. So, a preservative is a substance added to a product to extend its shelf life. It is a substance that occurs as such in nature. The substance protects for example the product from micro-organisms, such as bacteria, yeasts and mould.

Examples of natural preservatives

A natural preservative example that works exclusively against yeasts and moulds is natamycin, which has been applied in cheese plastic as well as in the outside of many sausages for many years. Lactic acid bacteria also form substances that have antimicrobial activity. Adding (certain strains of) lactic acid bacteria itself can have a preservative effect.

The difference between natural and artificial preservatives

What is the difference between natural and artificial preservatives? That question is difficult to answer. The term natural is not defined in European legislation. Manufacturers can put the label natural on their ingredients as they see fit. Artificial preservatives are added for a reason; they prevent the growth of micro-organisms and inactivate enzymes. Food products therefore have a longer shelf life and minimal loss of quality. Taste, texture and nutritional values, for example, remain intact for longer.

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