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What are natural flavours?

Natural flavours are meant to enhance the flavour of the food or drink and are very commonly used in processed foods. You can use natural food flavours to improve the taste of your products and to make the product more enticing. Natural flavours contain natural flavour ingredients.

Where do natural food flavours come from?

Natural food flavours are added to food to improve the flavouring and taste. Natural flavours have a ‘natural’ origin. Meaning that the flavour comes from nature. The flavour can be derived from plants, fruits, vegetables, edible yeast, dairy products, herbs, roots, meat, seafood, poultry and eggs. To make the flavour extract or powder, one of the sources listed is used in fermentation, roasting or heating for example.

Natural fruit flavours

Natural fruit flavours are the most common food flavours used in production. 1-2-Taste offers a wide range of natural fruit flavours to enhance your product. Including banana flavour, orange, raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, lime, lemon, coconut, and much more. The flavours come in the form of essential oil, extract, liquid, powder or paste.

The difference between natural and artificial flavours

Natural and artificial flavours are often used in the same context. However, besides the facts that both types of flavours are food additives that are used to flavour food, there is an important difference. The difference lies in the fact that natural flavours must be made from plant or animal sources, while artificial flavours can be made from synthetic sources.

Order at 1-2-Taste

You can select your ideal natural flavour in the (small) package size that will meet your needs. All product specifications can be downloaded, just create an account for free. Order one or more samples first and try it in your development process. The 1-2-Taste team of experienced people in the food industry are happy to assist you: working jointly on your success!