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Interview on DeliveryRank

Check out the insightful interview on DeliveryRank, with Jasper Schouten, CEO and Co-founder of 1-2-Taste.

Under Jasper’s leadership, 1-2-Taste achieved remarkable growth, scaling from zero to over 1000 products online in just 18 months!

In this interview with Sarah Kirton of DeliveryRank, Jasper shares the journey of their rapid growth, key strategies, and how they revolutionized the industry by providing easy access to a wide range of ingredients.

What is 1-2-Taste?
On one hand, they cater to customers seeking healthier and more sustainable products, providing easy access to organic, natural, and sustainable ingredients.

On the other hand, they empower ingredient suppliers to reach small and medium-sized enterprises transparently through their innovative digital platform!

Curious to learn more? Read the full interview on DeliveryRank’s website here.


  • Posted on:
  • July 20, 2023