ExcelVite – EVTene™ 8% (liquid)

Brand: ExcelVite

EVTene™ 8% is a Natural Mixed-Carotene Complex 8% Oil Concentrate which is a reddish vegetable oil concentrate of a natural occurring mixture of carotene, extracted from virgin crude palm oil / palm fruits (Elaeis guineensis).

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    ExcelVite – EVTene™ 8% (liquid)


    EVTene™ 8% is a Natural Mixed-Carotene Complex 8% Oil Concentrate. It is a reddish vegetable oil concentrate of a natural occurring mixture of carotene, extracted from virgin crude palm oil/palm fruits (Elaeis guineensis). EVTene™ 8% contains natural alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, gamma-carotene, lycopene and other carotenes, a unique mixture in natural proportion as found in carrots.
    The palm mixed-carotene complex is the only true mixed-carotene complex with the highest ratio of alpha-carotene. The unique combination of carotenes in natural proportion and their synergistic effects may ultimately confer the many beneficial health effects associated with carotenes.
    Benefits of adding EVTene™ into food & drinks:
    • Meets the “Natural” trend – to replace the use of synthetic colourant
    • Provides fresh and bright yellow and orange hue into the food products
    • It helps in combating vitamin A deficiency and hence reduces risk of contracting diseases associated with the deficiency.
    • It is a natural antioxidant to reduce oxidative stress
    • Research has shown natural carotenoids can support eye health and skin health
    EVTene™ 8% is a pure natural food colourant and also a nutritional additive for use in Dietary supplements, Bakery, Beverage, Confectionery, Dairy, Dry Grocery products and also in Cosmetics & Personal Care; to produce attractive, vibrant colours with enhanced nutritional and antioxidant benefits.
    Bakery: Enhances the colour of baked goods.
    Beverages: Produces a standardised drink colour and confers nutritional benefit.
    Confectionery: EVTene™ is a natural plant-derived colour, it does not raise concerns related to behavioral issues in children that is linked to synthetic colourant.
    Dairy: EVTene™ is generally stable and enduring in dairy products throughout the process of UHT and Pasteurisation.
    Dried Foods: Enhances, standardises product colour
    Dosage Recommendation:
    For products such as spreads, bread filling cream, RTD juices. Based on color tone achieved with a 2mg mixed-carotene per 100gm preparation, recommends adding 27gm EVTeneTM 8% in to 100kg of product.

    The image above is a general dosing guide based on desired color effect to achieve. Users are advised to modify and fine tune the dosage according to expected color output and application of their finished products.

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    Weight 20 kg
    Dimensions 21 cm


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    Bakery – Bread, Beverage – Brewery, Beverage – Non alcoholic (incl. water ice), Beverage – Spirits, Wine & other Alcoholic, Blends & Ingredients B2B, Cereals & cereal bars, Confectionery, Dairy – Ice Cream & Desserts, Dairy – Liquid, Dairy – Margarine, butter and spreads, Dairy – Powders, Dairy – Cheese, Health, sports & Nutrition, Pharmaceutical, OTC, Savoury baked goods, Side Dishes, Soups & Sauces and Seasonings, Snacks, Spreads (non dairy), Supplements, Sweet baked goods, Beverage – Dry



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    36 Months

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    Store in airtight containers below room temperature

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