Bio Nutrients – Spray Dried Soy Powder

Bio Nutrients SUPERFIT Spray Dried Soy Milk Powder is prepared using the NoN-GMO soybean. Rich in protein SUPERFIT, no cholesterol, Gluten and Lactose free.

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    Bio Nutrients – Spray Dried Soy Powder


    Bio Nutrients SUPERFIT Spray Dried Soy Milk Powder has a very light taste, is free flowing and easily dispersible in water without the beany aroma characteristic of Soy Milk. There is no lump formation and it is simple to mix. The SUPERFIT is rich in Protein with no cholesterol and it is Gluten and Lactose free. It is produced using sound quality principles to ensure the consistency, safety and performance of the product.

    The crop varieties promoted are more suitable for local production conditions and therefore require less inputs and increase farm resilience in different ways. Bio Nutrients encourages women in agriculture. And of course creates awareness about the health and nutritional benefits of soybean consumption in often protein deficient communities.

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