Anderson Advanced Ingredients – EmulsiSMART Emulsifier Powder – 55150

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EmulsiSMART Emulsifier Powder is a Non-GMO, KETO and diabetic friendly natural plant fiber-based emulsifier.


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Anderson Advanced Ingredients – EmulsiSMART Emulsifier Powder – 55150

Supplied by: Anderson Advanced Ingredients
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EmulsiSMART Emulsifier Powder is a best-in-class clean label emulsifier, which is produced through a patented technology. It is a proper combination of plant fibers contains both soluble and insoluble fractions, isolated from plant extracts (lemon, pea, potato, plantain, Norwegian Kelp).

The EmulsiSMART Emulsifier Powder is targeted to be clean label alternative to replace traditional emulsifiers such as DATEM, SSL, lecithin, mono-glycerides and di-glycerides in variety of applications such as beverages, mayonnaise, creams, soups, sauces, cheeses, high fat baking. It can be used as stabilizing, thickening, emulsifying, extending, and gelling as well. Its usage level would be ranging from 0,3 – 6,5% depending on application.

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Dark & Dry, room temperature.

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