1-2-Tester: Brain Booster

The Brain Booster 1-2-Tester. Including Brainberry® for clinically proven improvement of eye-hand coordination and caffeine for increased mental alertness and physical energy. Try it out and get inspired!

Availability per batch produced is limited, so order quickly to secure your 1-2-Tester: Brain Booster bottle(s)!

1-2-Tester: Brain Booster

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The 1-2-Tester Brain Booster is a concept drink with functional ingredients and one you do not want to miss! Together with our beverage development partner PREfresco we created a refreshing brain and energy booster. While Brainberry® has clinically proven to improve eye-hand coordination, the caffeine will increase mental alertness and physical energy. Try our 1-2-Tester Brain Booster (bottle of 275ml) creation and get inspired! Recipes will be shared with ordered bottles. And of course we can work with you to add your personal twist and signature for your winning brand. Possibilities with 1-2-Taste’s ingredients are endless.

Find ingredients for it? 1-2-Taste developed this drink with beverage development partner PREfresco using ingredients from different suppliers from the 1-2-Taste platform. 1-2-Taste is offering many more ingredients for your drink – and use PREfresco’s expertise for development. Download our inspiration sheet here.

This 1-2-Tester Brain Booster is much more than an energy drink, the gaming community and everyone who gains from improved “alertness” will find it amazing. 

Availability per batch produced is limited, so order quickly to secure your 1-2-Tester bottle(s) of this Brain Booster! 

The main ingredients of our 1-2-Tester Brain Booster:

  • Brainberry (from BioActor)
  • Natural caffeine from green tea (from Anderson Advanced Ingredients)
  • Sweetener (from Anderson Advanced Ingredients)
  • Organic blueberry and organic forest fruit flavour
  • Water

The options with 1-2-Taste ingredients for beverages are huge and still growing – so do check out the 1-2-Testers pages on 1-2-Taste often! 

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