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How food product development works

A food product development process often starts with a good idea to meet a (new) need. There may also be a need for food product development due to changing needs, legislation or requirements. Flexible food product development by manufacturers in the food industry is an important strength and can contribute to an increased sales market. In all cases, established quality and food safety requirements must be met in the R&D process.

Product development in the food industry

The increased focus on the sustainability of our food can no longer be ignored in the product development in the food industry; both the production side and the consumption side are increasingly addressed to achieve a more sustainable food system. For further sustainability of production within the food industry, it is imperative to focus with product development on further reducing food losses and optimising the valorisation of by-products and residues.

Flavour development for food manufacturers

Flavour development for food manufacturers is important for learning to eat a variety of foods and thus forms the basis of a healthy diet. Flavour enhancers are substances added to foods to make a taste more intense or better. More and more food manufacturers want to give their products a so-called ‘clean label’. Manufacturers then avoid artificially made substances.

Plant based food development

One of the best-known pieces of advice for eating healthier and more sustainable is to eat more plant-based and less animal-based products. The transition to more plant-based protein consumption has begun. In both small- and large-scale product development, more and more use is being made of plant-based food development. This ranges from plant-based alternatives to completely new food products.

About our food product development partners

1-2-Taste gives you access to a wide array of food ingredients, services, and suppliers of production capacity. Anything you need from a food ingredient to full food product development and manufacturing. So, 1-2-Taste creates access to innovative food product development, provides support with protein transition and establishes new opportunities for your food business.

About 1-2-Taste

1-2-Taste is the world’s first platform that allows all food & beverages companies easy access to food & beverage ingredients and services. Without access to the right food ingredients and services food innovation or even manufacturing cannot happen. The 1-2-Taste marketplace provides digital access to the right food ingredients and helps food manufacturers find the right ingredients and services from dozens of categories with multiple suppliers to choose from.