Trigona – Lactic Butter – 800Kg

8,40 Excl. VAT

1 pallet of lactic butter, containing 32 cartons of 25 kg gives 800 kg

Be Aware, mentioned price is per 1 pallet

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Trigona – Lactic Butter – 800Kg

Supplied by: Trigona Dairy Trade
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Produced from pasteurised cream from raw-milk (cow). The product is soured with Lactic acid bacteria and uncoloured.

Butter is a dairy product made from the fat and protein components of the cream. It is a semi-solid emulsion at room temperature, consisting of approximately 80% butterfat. It is used at room temperature as a spread, melted as a condiment, and used as a fat in baking, sauce-making, pan frying, and other cooking procedures.

Butter is a water-in-oil emulsion resulting from an inversion of the cream, where the milk proteins are the emulsifiers. Butter remains a firm solid when refrigerated, but softens to a spreadable consistency at room temperature, and melts to a thin liquid consistency at 32 to 35 °C (90 to 95 °F). The density of butter is 911 g/L (15+14 oz/US pt). It generally has a pale yellow colour but varies from deep yellow to nearly white.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Application Area

Bakery – Bread, Cereals & cereal bars, Confectionery, Dairy – Ice Cream & Desserts, Dairy – Margarine, butter and spreads, Ready Meals and Meal Components, Savoury baked goods, Side Dishes, Soups & Sauces and Seasonings, Snacks, Sweet baked goods, Chocolate

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Flavour Descriptors

Buttery, Creamy, Fatty, Sweet

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Shelf Life

3 Months

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