Nexxus Foods – GumNex Silky – NX 0755

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GumNex Silky is a functional gum system formulated to provide viscosity, body, and
mouthfeel to high protein beverages. Applicable in foods like soups, gravies, salad dressings, condiments, sauces and toppings, or as gelling agents in jams, jellies, ice creams, gelled desserts, candies, and cakes.


Nexxus Foods – GumNex Silky – NX 0755

Supplied by: Nexxus Foods
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GumNex Silky – NX 0755 is a gum blend that offers a number of benefits — such as a unique high performance texture solution for instant protein beverage systems.

  • Label-friendly, gluten and GMO-free, kosher-certified ingredient.
  • Dissolves easily into solution to yield exceptional textural benefits.
  • Effectively suspends particulates and stabilizes protein shakes and meal replacers upon reconstitution.
  • Masks astringency and awareness of gritty mouthfeel from particulates of added vitamin-mineral blends, fiber, protein, and other nutrients, as compared to single ingredient stabilizers.
  • Increases viscosity, smoothness, and mouth clearing – yielding pronounced texture and mouthfeel benefits in protein beverages.

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