New on 1-2-Taste: Foodpairing

2023 07 19 Foodpairing

Foodpairing joins 1-2-Taste as service partner

Accelerate your product development with AI and machine learning! Foodpairing AI helps companies develop new concepts and formulations by connecting the right data, insights, and algorithms.
Johan Langenbick, CEO, Foodpairing AI: “With this collaboration, we are excited to help food manufacturers increase product success and save time to market. The partnership between 1-2-Taste and Foodpairing AI would help clients not just identify successful product concepts, but also find the right ingredients needed to achieve those successful product concepts.”

Mastering five knowledge domains:
•  Flavour & Sensory Science
•  Consumer Insights
•  AI & Machine Learning
•  Culinary Expertise
•  Botanical, Food & Plant Expertise

Foodpairing AI solutions cater to marketing and R&D teams, solving challenges like:
•  Product concept ideas and validation
•  Understanding your products and finding interesting combinations
•  Gaining detailed insights down to precise formulations

Ready to take your food products to the next level? Visit the Foodpairing brandstore here.